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CullLeaves v3.3.0 for 1.20.4

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  • Port to 1.20.4 & Migrate to NeoForge
  • Updated Simplified Chinese Translations
  • Added an option to cull Mangrove Roots (closes #47)
  • Fixed incompatibility with Sodium by removing a now obsolete feature
  • Add German translation by myself
  • Update to 1.20

  • Attempt to fix random BufferUnderflowExceptions with Sodium once and for all

  • Vietnamese translation by ImVietnam

  • Traditional Chinese translation by notlin4

  • Fix crash with Sodium 0.4.9 (thanks to Diamondman121314)
  • Ukrainian translation by Altegar
  • Simplified Chinese translation by HhiPyrene
  • Port to 1.19.3

Fix random crashing with Sodium

  • Now utilizes the Architectury build system to provide support for Fabric, native Quilt and even Forge (No Architectury API needed!)
  • Update to MidnightLib 1.0.0
  • Better Sodium/Rubidium support:
    • Fix resourcepacks utilizing leaf culling flickering when using Sodium (Fixes #15)
    • Integrate Leaf Culling toggle into Sodium options screen

Update to MidnightLib 0.5.2 to fix crashing without ModMenu

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